Employment conditions

The 10 PhDs will be recruited under a 36 months full-employment contract which will comprise:

– a living allowance of EUR 3 400, corresponding to the gross salary, paid in monthly instalments to fellows, inclusive of all social security coverage, contribution to pension funds and unemployment indemnity.
A coefficient regarding the cost of living of the country of the main recruiting organisation will be applied. (for the country-specific correction coefficients, see Table 1 at the end of the MSCA Work Programme 2021-2022 available on the Funding & Tenders Portal Reference Documents).

– a mobility allowance of EUR 600 for fellows’ expenses linked to their mobility (relocation expenses)

In addition to the above:

– a family allowance of Euro EUR 660 for those who have the status of family as defined in the Guide for Proponents

The annual and monthly gross salary for each recruited researcher, including living and mobility allowance (and family, if applicable) will be subject to the fiscal treatment and social security coverage (including sick, maternity or paternity leave) according to the national Taxation and Social Security regulations of the country of recruitment. Therefore, the net salary for each recruited PhD much depends on these conditions.

Each fellowship will also include a contribution to costs needed to carry out research projects (e.g. consumables, publications, others) and a contribution to the training activities (e.g. local and network trainings) amounting to a gross monthly allowance of EUR 1 600, managed directly by each recruiting organisation.


Welcome and other services at recruiting organisations
Dedicated offices are available at the main host and recruiting organisations to support the selected candidates before their departure, and upon their arrival, in any administrative and/or practical issue regarding their mobility/relocation (example: documents of entry, including Visa, or finding accommodation, among others) and their stay.